Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Medical Grade)

Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Medical Grade)

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Single use, disposable nitrile medical gloves that are made from a durable, puncture resistant, protein and powder-free nitrile. Being 100% latex free, type 1 allergic reactions are eliminated. These gloves are soft and highly elastic with a natural rubber like feel and they come equipped with textured fingertips for enhanced grip. 

Sold in a pack of 100 or a case of 1000.

AVAILABILITY: Available on a per order basis. Please contact sales@kosanmedical.com for more information. 

WHOLESALE: Looking for larger quantities or buying for a business? Contact us at sales@kosanmedical.com for wholesale pricing. 


  • Durable and puncture resistant 
  • Textured fingertips 
  • Powder-free nitrile 
  • Disposable 
  • 100% latex free, eliminates type 1 allergic reactions


ASTM D6319-2019 certified

100% latex free