About Us

At Kosan Medical Company Ltd., your protection is our priority. We provide best-in-class personal protective equipment that will keep you and your team protected when you need it most.

Kosan has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the technical apparel industry. We have fostered and established a strong network of global suppliers and manufacturing partners. With proven experience developing a wide range of technical performance products, Kosan prides itself on offering high quality products built to perform and last. We have utilized all of our previous experience and partnered with our network of suppliers and factories to source medical grade equipment for professionals working on the front lines in Canada and the US. Based in Vancouver, it was important for us to support our local suppliers as well. So, along with using our international suppliers we have also partnered with Canadian companies supplying PPE gear. All of our products undergo the most stringent quality control and testing measures, and they meet strict FDA/CE guidelines.